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The Barn House

Year : 2020

Delhi, India

Area : 3000 sq.ft..


Scope of Work : Architecture + Interior Design

Status: Design Development

Client Brief : The small vacation villa nestled among the lush green trees of the site was conceptualised for a client looking for a weekend / lockdown home on the outskirts of the city. The programme includes an expansive living room, bedroom-cum-study, a kitchenette – all imbibed with vivid views of nature outside.

Together with the client, we envisioned a house that embodies both comfortable spaces and a nuanced modern design. Careful planning ensured that all the building and its roots fit ‘within’ the existing trees and their foliage so that no trees were cut during the construction process.



Nestled in between lush green trees, overlooking a forest, this dream of a site was selected to build a small weekend residence for an entrepreneur and his family. As beautiful as the site was, it came with its challenges of fitting a varied program in a limited footprint.

The Architecture of the building is rooted in the context of the site, starting from planning around the existing trees which gives the plan its shape, to the use of material which was available in the immediate vicinity.

To make the construction process streamlined, the lower floor rises from the ground in solid stone masonry and the upper floor was conceptualised as a completely prefabricated block to be installed at site.

The upper floor with its large glass windows and viewing decks or ‘machaans’ allowed for unobstructed views of the forest and a beautiful sunset ‘beyond’. Exposed natural materials ensured the architecture blends ‘among’ the natural surroundings. This is a unique amalgamation of traditional construction techniques with modern technology.



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