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Commercial Centre, Chennai

Year : 2019

Chennai, India

Area : Approximately 1,00,000 sq.ft.

Collaborations : In Collaboration with Studio Lotus, Delhi

Status: Concept Stage


Conceptual Proposal for the adaptive reuse of an existing development which the client wanted to facelift and convert into a commercial hub in close proximity of the cyber city in Chennai.


The existing building is cladded in hues of the local soil using locally procured terracotta tiles. In subtle contrast, it is then enveloped by overlaying a Metal Grid Structure over it. The envelope thus created around the existing structure provides for added volume for commercial activities. The added volume houses functions like skywalks, sky kiosks and projection screens in the evenings. It also contains all the essential services like HVAC units and Generators which have then been left exposed. The grid is lifted off the ground floor allowing for it to form a shaded pathway on the lower floor, essential considering the hot climate of Chennai.


The overall concept reinforces the idea of a modern exoskeleton containing a structure rooted in tradition.

Steel Exoskeleton Concept


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