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Entrance Gate for State of Punjab, Mohali Airport, India

Year : 2019

Mohali, Punjab, India

Status: Concept Proposal for International Competition

A ‘Gateway’, one of the most fundamental and significant architectural elements holds immense significance in culture and history. The design of a Gateway provides a brief glimpse of the imprint that the vagaries of time, community and culture have left on any historical or contemporary urban fabric. The proposed structure serves as a gateway in and out of Punjab, a state famous for its rich tradition, culture, history, vast agricultural landscapes, evolving into the modern world.

The concept aims to focus on the connecting characteristics of a formerly dividing element, establishing it as a symbol of unity and harmony as it comes together. Our design is a tribute to the state, inspired by its beautiful landscapes and a strong connection to the soil, the structure sweeps over to create a majestic volume, fitting to the diverse culture, history, art and prosperity that Punjab is synonymous with. The structure, gently rising in colors of the soil of the state, is envisioned to be an iconic symbol for the visitors passing and part of the deep identity of the people of the state.


The inspirations for the form of the gateway lay in the rich cultural landscapes of Punjab, its vast fertile topography marked by flowing rivers and swaying fields. The abstractions of these natural forms are reflected in the fluid and dynamic roof form which appears to be seamlessly rising from the earth reaching out to the skies. A strong metaphor is created signifying the continuous economic, technological and cultural growth of the state, while still being rooted to the soil.



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